International Conference
Filmic and Media Narratives of the Crisis: Contemporary Representations
November 7th and 8th 2019

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09.30 Registrations Amphi. Théo Angelopoulos

10.00 Opening (brief speeches from the organizing institutions’ representatives)

10.30-11.30: Introduction to the conference theme and opening conference

Bruno PÉQUIGNOT: The cinema as a research medium of crises (In French)

11.30-11.50 Coffee Break

11.50-13.30 : CULTURAL INDUSTRIES AND CRISIS (Session in French with Translation in Greek)

Arnaud GAILLARD : Three filmic discourses, three narratives of the crisis

Mohamed BENDAHAN, Yassine AKHIATE Cultural Industry in Morocco: from the monopole to the liberation, what role can be played by the local production?

Aissa MERAH, Nacer AOUDIA: The political expression of young Algerians in video via the digital social networks.

Jan SPURK : Cultural Industry and narratives of the crisis or the (im) possibility of imagining a way of « going beyond »

13.40-14.00 Short Dramatic Film « Doll House » by Xenofon Tsoumas



PAPADOPOULOU Lambrini, MANIOU Theodora: Journalism and Trauma: The effects of covering crisis upon media professionals

KASSAVETI Ursula-Helen, NIKOLAIDOU Afroditi: Maids, Cleaning Ladies and the Cinematic Representations of Female Work in the Greek New Wave

KOUNTOURI Fani, NIKOLAIDOU Afroditi: Dominant and Critical Media Frames of the Crisis (2010-2015)

MARINESCU Valentina: Narrative structures and the export of meaning - the case of South Korean popular culture’s reception in Central and Eastern Europe

18.30-18.45 Coffee Break


MATTEUCCI Ivana: The Media Narratives of the Crisis of the Communication Society, between Utopia and Dystopia

VDOVICHENKO Larissa: Different Media Representations of the International Conflict.

GAZI Angeliki: Digital Narratives of the Crisis: the case of the #rbnews hashtag

TOSUNER Asli: Narration of Financial Crisis in Turkish Media

PRETTO Albertina, MARCUCCI Debora: The image of Europe through images

20.15-20.20.40 Choir of Panteion University directed by Yannis Vryzakis

Dinner at Yantes restaurant.


10.00-12.00 : CASE STUDIES


VAMVAKAS Vasilis: Social media and the institutionalization of hate speech in Greek politics

KALERANTE Evagelia- TSANTALI Calliopi Developing educational discourse on refugees: from the “others” to cinema meta-language on refugee citizens

SOTIRIADOU Anastasia: Heroes and Victims

KANTZARA Vassiliki: The imagery of language in describing the crisis in Greece: Explaining, framing, and obscuring


ZYGA Eleni: Representations of the Crisis within five Greek Films

TZOUFLAS Konstantinos: Film Festivals and Crisis: the new Argentine Cinema and the Greek New Wave at the Locarno Film Festival

PODARA Anna, MATSIOLA Maria, NIKOLAOU Constantinos, MANIOU Theodora, KALLIRIS George : Audiovisual consumption practices in post-crisis Greece: An empirical research approach to Generation Z

PETRAKIS Costas: Genuine and Pretentious Demonstrations of Anger Related to the Increase in Suicide Rates in Greece During 'Crisis'

12.00-12.15 Coffee Break

12.15-13.30: FILMIC AND MEDIA NARRATIVES (Session in French with translation in Greek)

ROVENTA-FRUMUSANI Daniela: Narrative and visibility in the digital electoral communication.

LYCHKOVSKA-NEBOT Oksana : The construction and deconstruction of the sociopolitical crisis in Ukrainian humoristic discourse in the media (the case of V. Zelenski : from the media dominance to the political power)

HERNÁNDEZ Gala : Films on crisis, in crisis: concerning Havarie by Philip Scheffner

WATT Andrew : Notes on the (non)representation of financial crises in experimental French cinema.

14.00 Suggestion: walk and lunch in Plaka

17.00-18.30: CRISIS REPRESENTATIONS TRANSCENDING THE FRONTIERS OF MEDIA: RESEARCH REFLECTIONS (Session organized by the National Center for Social Research commemorative for its 60 years)

1) Maria THANOPOULOU The representation of the current crisis in the Greek cinema. Investigating mnemonic itineraries and flashes- back

2) Joanna TSIGANOU: Film narratives on the current economic crisis: the case of the French film ‘the Law of the Markets’

3) Christine VAROUXI, Grigoris GKOUGKOUSIS, Dimitris TOURLIDAS, Ifigenia VAGIA Representations of the refugee crisis within economic crisis. Content analysis of the Greek press

4) Persefoni ZERI,, Charalambos TSEKERIS, Theodore TSEKERIS Greek youth’s social media narratives on Europe

5) Amalia FRANGISKOU What can be seen by breaking "bad" ?

18.30-18.45 Coffee break

18.45 -20.00: POSTMODERN CULTURAL ASPECTS AND CRISIS (Session in French with translation in Greek)

WILHELM Carsten: «Just an image crisis ? » The Cleaners as revelatory of multiple crisis in digital times

MITROPOULOU Eleni: The crisis in touch with the visible (in media) and the readable (in culture)

LAROCHELLE Laurence: From Hellene to Romios: economic crisis, popular culture and cultural reclassifications.

20.00-20.30 Closing Session : Éric MAIGRET: What are the “yellow vests” the name of?

Dinner at Yantes Restaurant

Programme Préliminaire en français